Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Compromise that just doesn't make any sense.

I invite you all to watch the above video that gives satire on one of our Government's recent blunders. For those that haven't been following along let me summarize what has happened. As I mention in my blog, 2010 Midterm and Governor Elections, the Republicans in this "lame duck" congress are blocking any Democratic initiative. This is mainly partisan politics at its best trying to prove something to somebody. On the table are the Bush tax cuts. They are due to expire. These tax cuts it allowed to expire are predicted to lessen our current financial debt by about 600 billion. The problem with this, is that Republicans believe in Trickle Down Economics. Basically, they believe that by giving tax breaks to corporations that the extra monetary value trickles down into the work force. The problem with that is, can you expect the rich to give more wealth to their workers if they have it. Then there is also the matter that some Republicans are the Corporations on personal lobbyists in Congress, and apparently the Supreme Court with their recent rulings. That ruling being to allow corporations to back candidates in elections. So while the Democrats want to allow the tax cuts to expire, the Republicans are holding out attempting to block all legislation until they get what they want.

Democrats however do want to extend the cuts for families making up to $250,000.00 per year. Now to be fair, Republicans are insisting that the government lower taxes and stop spending. This is agreeable is some circumstances. The government is engaging in out of control spending. The problem is that the Republicans are listing other sources, such as welfare, unemployment benefits and related items, as the reasons for uncontrolled spending. They overlook their own doing, such as an Unconstitutional war in Iraq, and a long drug out process in Afghanistan as our spending problems. Not to mention our occupancy is numerous other countries. Democrats on the other hand want to slash these tax cuts, except for the families mentioned above, and increase Unemployment benefits. A move considerable given our current unemployment rate.
And so there is a stalemate in Congress.

Republicans wanting the tax cuts extended and Democrats wanting benefits increased. Let me break down what both sides want. Republicans want, lower taxes and less Government spending. Democrats want higher taxes on the rich, to spend on benefits for the unemployed. A compromise was reached. Congress decided to extend the Bush Tax Cuts for everyone for 2 years, and to extend unemployment benefits for 13 months. Did you catch that? Extending the tax cuts for 2 years, extend unemployment benefits for 13 months. What happened? The entire argument for the Republicans was less taxes less Government spending, the Democrats, tax the rich, help the poor and what did we get? After the hold outs and deliberation we have gotten less taxes, and more spending. Not even less taxes, but mainly what our taxes are now. And unemployment benefits increased for 13 months.

SO lets think about this. If the tax cuts were allowed to expire and it was predicted that our national debt would DECREASE by about $600 Billion. What do you think our economy will do with the tax cuts lengthened and spending increased? Maybe congress should quit thinking about what their Political Party wants, and start giving their constituents what they need. I swear if I am ever voted in for political office the first thing I would do if elected would be to renounce my political party. Go "rogue". Tell everyone I am now in the Libertarian Party and invite others to do the same. In our Government we have out of control spending while the continuance of lower taxes. You can't have both. Either you increase taxes in certain areas to account for the spending or you decrease your spending. America is spending like a teenage girl with her first credit card. It's up to us, as "Parents", to discipline our "teenagers". Vote in a real revolution, vote both parties out. Vote in some Libertarians, some Green parties, vote in anyone you want besides the status quo and allow debate to begin.


  1. Let the revolution begin! But seriously, keep it up man. You're articulating a lot of frustrations that many Americans have with our Congress. If more people step up and criticize both major parties and our lobbyist-controlled Congress, we could have a better government that actually works. Which leads me to a potential future topic for you: we're supposed to have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but in actuality we don't.

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  3. I mean this really makes no sense at all. The thought is that with these tax breaks business owners can create more jobs. This isn't a tax break which many people think, but a continuation of what you are already getting. Where are all the jobs that were supposed to have been created since the tax cuts were originally put in place?

  4. I think it's very funny that they're calling this "lame duck" session one of the most successful when they've essentially put us into more debt and kept patching up the unemployment problem with a band-aid. I haven't been able to read this in a while, and I'm glad I wasn't the only one who caught the incredibly stupid "compromise."

  5. It is complete and utter sadness.


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