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2010 Midterm and Governor Elections

I guess the best way to begin this post is to describe my political ideology. I label myself as a Recovering Republican. Recovering as in a recovering alcoholic that only socially drinks now. I have maintained numerous standards or stances of the Republican Party such as fiscal conservatism and constitutional conservatism. However I do feel that Republican party has abandoned the latter and is recently trying to recover the former due the Tea Party movement. However to explain this to some of my readers I have abandoned Social Conservatism. Through his many "faults" as President, or "faults" that have yet to be studied rather, one thing for certain that President Carter was exact on was his views on the morality of our country and the role that government was supposed to play there. Because he was a born again Christian and refused to assert laws to limit a person's liberties based on a religion they may or may not follow, it cost him the election with Neo-Conservatives or the Christian right. Now I refuse to change parties simply on a few ideologies. I do not agree with big government, socialism, or gun control, things of that nature which is why I align myself more with the Libertarian faction of the political spectrum. The good thing about being close to the middle is the ability to look at the extremities. To attempt to take the good from things and leave the bad behind. That's what this blog is all about.

First why have I written this blog. Well ever since my wrestling team was phased out in college I had large unprecedented amounts of time on my hands. So I replaced what would have been grueling wrestling practices, to grueling training of the brain. I began debates, read articles, basically caught up on studies to become more than an average student. In doing so I joined a circle of friends, that would often have political, historical, religious, etc. discussions that would be so intense it would almost end in raw hatred of each other. We would level out and continue our discussions. This circle of people included different types of political ideologies from Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, Libertarians, Socialists, and Progressives. It created interesting conversation. I usually would keep up with these debates on Facebook notes so this is a continuance of that transfered over to Blogger. So this time around when I was asked my thoughts on the mid-term elections, I simply replied to wait for my post. This is that post.

I would like to start with a quote. "Nobody ever went broke voting on the stupidity of the American voter". I believe such rings true in our recent election. Not that I am for or against one part or another. I believe our votes should lie in the best candidate possible, candidates for freedom that are bound to protect our Constitutional rights are usually who I spring for, but in this instance we have seen this not. In Georgia specifically, the vote was cast, the count in, and the citizens have elected a crook, Nathan Deal, as Governor. I cannot vouch or contemplate as to why this is as to say that this is blow back from the presidential election. I also believe that tying into that matter that this is one of the few elections in history where the core motivation of the American voter was propagated by a media outlet a.k.a. Fox News.

We have heard it before, "the President is a Muslim, a socialist, a communist, racist, not an American citizen" but the question is why? Why are these thoughts so forefront on a President of the United States and why were these accusations given before his elections and even before his first 100 days in office? For those of you wondering at this point, I did not vote for Obama. I wrote in my vote. Back to the point. Why weren't these accusations so prevalent on George Bush as he inserted us into an Unconstitutional War or signed the Patriot Act into law? Well first I am going to play the race card. I am going to play this because I hear it so often. I cannot explain nor am I exaggerating when I say that I have heard people call the President a "nigger" on numerous occasions. Is this evidence of a blow back? I think in essence it is. Counties across the states have voted Republican whether or not the candidate was any good or not. In some cases the Democrat running was a superb politician and more of a Dixiecrat but because he carried the same party as the "BLACK" Democrat he was voted against. Case in point, Georgia. Roy Barnes, although a former Governor voted out of office over certain issues was up for Governor again this elections. he lost to Nathan Deal. The Republicans under Perdue have effectively run Georgia into the ground the past 8 years and sank education to an all time low. However, the GOP effectively propagated Barnes as being of the same party as Obama, the Socialists, with his Socialist medical coverage. (even though the plan that made it's way through is exactly the same concept as Mitt Romney's) Tennessee was not a safe haven either as the majority of the state legislature went Republican in the 2008 elections for no apparent reason. The Democrats in that state are about as liberal as I am Martian. I believe this is blow back. All behind the driving force of the Tea Party.

Although I love the idea of a Tea Party, a new party, something different, I know its origins. This was originally the brain child of Ron Paul's Revolution. But it went astray, the original members got out of dodge and the movement was hijacked. Propagated by Fox news and the likes of Beck the party began advocating change. This change wasn't for good of anything besides of being anti-Obama. Republicans now afraid to lost their jobs, equally became anti-Obama. Republicans are vying for their party and not for the good of the country. If it's Democrat, they will block it. Seems less like a Representative and more like the toddler that didn't get the right Christmas present.

This movement has been hijacked by different levels of the GOP and given a face. Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck. One journalism major that couldn't hold her seat as Governor and comedian with no higher education. These two advocated candidates that had formal training in witchcraft, professional candidates, and crooks all in the name of Fiscal Conservatism. This was the face of blow back. With Sarah Palin's folksy talks to the constituents and Glenn Beck's retarded (yes Sarah Palin, retarded) version of history, these Tea Party members advocated their change that would "better serve America".

Rolling into the elections, as Fox News predicted historic proportions, we saw the Democrats maintain Senate control, though lose some seats, and lose the House. Hardly a revolution, even though it didn't stop them from promoting one. Our Republican Congressmen are blocking any legislation, merely on the principal that it is Obama's and not theirs. Propagated this idea of Socialism and spreading absolute FEAR among Americans causing voter hysteria to get what they want. There is no reason of this under than party loyalties.

As the American voter is spurred on by Fear and Racism with each new election we reflect. We vote in people to represent us in America. This isn't a parliamentary system where people vote in what's best for the country. Although ideal, that is not what's taken place. Our politicians are voting for what's best for them and their party. In America, our representatives are supposed to support in the best favor of the constituents that voted them in. Not for their parties. With media outlets such as Fox News' Idiotic Personal (Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, O'Reily, Sarah Palin, and gang) propagating this fear, I do not see how America can get back on track and proper.


  1. "...that would often have political, historical, religious, etc. discussions that would be so intense it would almost end in raw hatred of each other. We would level out and continue our discussions. This circle of people included different types of political ideologies from Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, Libertarians, Socialists, and Progressives. It created interesting conversation." -Pretty accurate representation :-)

    Also, as much as I hate to say it, I agree almost 100%. (I said almost!lol)

    We go from one extreme to the other in this country, and we've become a mass of apathetic consumer droids that only respond to brands rather than reality - we're completely incapable of making rational decisions that are for the true betterment of this nation. I don't know where to start other than by continuing a conversation.

    Nice blog - also if you're taking requests, a friend of mine and I were talking about government redundancy and budget cutting. I of course went for the DOD has double ranks of everything civilian, and military and could do with some downgrading without a conflict to our overall security, and he went with a simple no. What's your take on it? - oh and there's always Just War Theory or Global Zero.

    Interested as always,

  2. Isabel...
    I think before I cut the Department of Defense I would first cut the Department of Homeland Security. It's a gossip guess as to who is actually running that system. it is a black hole money pit burning through cash. We were burning through the same amount of revenue before 9-11 and still were undone by ingenuity. Also the Department of Education.

  3. So many great points in this blog!!

    It stands out to me that that you bravely acknowledge the sudden outburt of rampant racism. I've seen and heard it in places that I'm ashamed to admit. I consider Obama to be an epic fail as a president, but the reaction here in the south is disgusting.

    Excellent blog!!

  4. The great thing about the blog is that it is my control and my opinions. I do think that is a reality though. Most cannot give a reason why he is a bad president besides, "socialism", and Fox News' arguments. But the racism is rampant. I think that the voting records indicate as such.

  5. I would never make those arguments as reasons I think he's a bad president. I just think he's a bought president, like many others.

    I'm disillusioned, disenchanted, and disgusted. Our government is just one thing I feel this way about (I need about 10 blogs).

    I think the last voting records do reflect racism, you are right about that. Racism and fear have a lot in common and the tv has been preaching fear as a constant sermon since 9/11.

  6. Rob,
    Nice writing man! I agree with most of what you said there and although I don't consider myself a political expert, I think you make good distinctions between Republicans, Democrats, and the Tea Party Movement.

    You could even use this blog to help people like me, educated but with little interest in politics right now, to make distinctions between parties and candidates and to make us more educated get down to the truth of the matter. Your right in saying that most people just rehash a 'Fox News' argument when asked what's wrong with Obama or the country.

    Well written and keep up the good work,

  7. You and I have had a few rather interesting, and I use that description loosely, conversations about politics, current topics, etc. We both know we have different views on MANY things, but I have to say I rather enjoyed reading this.

    It was thoughtful without being crass and I enjoyed being able to read your opinion in a blog form versus through Facebook comments or around a bar table. It actually made a huge difference.

    Keep it coming and I will keep reading. -Kara


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