Sunday, March 25, 2012

Upcoming Movies and Miniseries

I've got nothing new to report on. I've been pretty busy getting my grades in the computer and so on and so forth. I am also working on a major research paper or should I say papers for a class. The likelihood of me having time to write anything of worth on here, aside from random comments, is pretty low. Anyways I wanted to point out a few things.

First: The History Channel is going to be presenting a 3-part miniseries based on the legendary feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys. I will wait for the actual series to come out before I talk about the reality of that famous conflict but from the preview it would seem violence is the selling point.

If for some reason the video above quits working, you can see it here.

Another movie that is premiering this year is the anticipated "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter." This of course is based on the novel of the same name written by Seth Grahame-Smith. Although some historians and bloggers seem to be condemning this movie, I am a little more optimistic. I thought the book was a terrific work of fiction that transformed one of the greatest figures of the 19th century into a truly original vampire tale. If the movie is 75% as good as the book, I think audiences will be thrilled. Make sure you read the book before you see this movie.

Then there is the actual movie "Lincoln" soon to come out. The amazing Daniel Day Lewis, arguably the best actor of this generation, is taking on the role of Abraham Lincoln. This is based on the final few months of Lincoln's life and I am nothing but anxious to see the first trailer let alone the movie. Lewis looks in top form judging by the picture below.


  1. Pic from "Lincoln" shoot-

    Looks like an infantryman carrying a cavalry man's carbine. And to top it off, one of those cheap non-shooting replicas made in Spain.

    1. Looks more like a 2 band Enfield, though the quality of the image is poor and you really cannot tell the quality of the gun.. No to mention this is in between scenes or else Spielberg, who is modernly dressed would appear in this picture. I don't think it's appropriate to pass judgement as to quality since the movie, or trailer has not been revealed.


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