Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Appomattox Day Everyone!!!!

Happy Appomattox Day on this dazzling April 9th, 2012. It is on this day, nearly a century and a half ago, that the most destructive thing that ever happened to America ended....well at least for the Army of Northern Virginia. Kevin Levin over at Civil War Memory posted this video.

I thought this was a terrific video and I'd like to think both Mr. Levin for bringing it to my attention and the National Park Service for making such a terrific video. I immediately implemented it into the classroom and used it today to start our unit on the Civil Rights Movement. Does anyone else find it somewhat of a happy coincidence that I started the Civil Rights Movement unit on Appomattox day. It's nice when things work out.


  1. Teaching civil rights in class? I see you're just passing on our brainwashing to another generation Rob.

    1. I actually did relate it to the Civil War....I talked about all the different states calling once again for States' Rights and flying the Confederate Flag.


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