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Where is Sarah Palin Going?

Let me begin by saying that I have long been absent from my post as author and maintainer of this blog. I have been infinitely busy and the only recent posts I have made have been a daily account of my adventures in England. Now that I have some time on my hands, and with the elections season currently gearing up, I can take the time to write about some topics that I just find fascinating. And what better way to get back into the swing of things, than to talk about the Republican “superstar” Sarah Palin.

Recently I have been amazed at the increasing amount of media attention that has come about due to a family vacation. For those that are unaware, Sarah Palin has loaded up in a flamboyant bus to travel around America, and stop at historical spots along the way. This has been dubbed the One Nation Tour. If Uncle Sam were to defecate, this rolling turd would have come out the other end. Sarah has dressed the bus up in the Patriotic fashion. A little Constitution here, Declaration there, a little pledge of allegiance, and “drill baby drill,” over the gas cap for good measure. Again and again the same message is applied, to restore America, restore freedom.

Palin seems to be playing a game of cat and mouse with the media. She does not post a schedule of stops even give forewarning as to where they will go next. Now according to Palin, and her supporters on facebook, this is because she doesn’t care about the “Lame Stream Media,” or LSM, and that if they were doing their job, they would be able to find her anyways. This is on top of her insistence that this is not a campaign; this is merely family vacation because she wants her kids to see America. Now I think this is something we can all get behind. I would love to have the money to see America. I am limited by funds to what I can see but hey, maybe one day. I will say though, I have been to Washington D.C., Mt. Vernon, and Monticello. D.C. and Mt. Vernon seemed to also be in Sarah’s list of stops. I find it interesting though, if this is a simply family vacation, why the wardrobe of a candidate. I don’t remember my mom wearing a dress coat and skirt to Mt. Vernon, or a campaign outfit to see the liberty bell. For someone that is on vacation, and not telling the LSM where she is going, Gov. Palin is definitely trying to attract attention and the media always seems to show up for her photo op. Examples can be seen here. MSNBC Report. Although Palin says the media is in a storm about knowing where she is, CNN had no posts on their website about the tour, that clip above was found on MSNBC after some searching. Fox News is giving her the only real coverage, which is expected since she is a contributor. However, only Gretta is giving her positive media attention, Nothing Gets By Gretta, while Bill O’Reilly basically said on his show that he didn’t care and that she can’t win anyways, The O'Reilly Factor. She can call this a family vacation all she wants, but everyone with an IQ above a snail, knows this is a build-up. Sarah isn’t riding to see America; she is taking America for a ride.

If you watch the clip “Nothing gets by Gretta,” you might notice that things seem to get by Gretta. As they are going on about the tour, and how long it is going to be, Palin comments on how the trip may not last long with the gas prices reaching “$5 dollars a gallon,” and that “it hurts a rig like this,” to which she also comments about the energy crisis in America. These comments were made in critical manners against the Obama administration. I am not pro-Obama but the comments she made were just ignorant. She is motivated Americans and complaining about gas prices and energy, BY ROLLING AROUND IN A GIANT, AMERICAN FLAG COVERED, WINNEBAGO! Of course, this isn’t the first silly remarks seen on this trip. According to her site about the bus tour, when they visited Mt. Vernon, Palin’s daughter Piper had a special experience. I quote directly from Palin’s bus tour page, "Greetings from the Road in Maryland,"
“When Piper laid the wreath at George Washington's tomb this afternoon, I wished that every American school student could be here to see and feel the spirit of our nation's first father. Even Piper was able to grasp the significance of being in the presence of our first President - who had such diverse interests - when she told me later "how hard he must have worked to keep that farm going!"”
George Washington must have worked pretty hard. I do consider him to be one of the finest leaders the country has ever had personally. That does not however, null certain things that happened in history that Palin seems to have missed. I have also been to Mt. Vernon and I remember some interesting structures in the back yard of Washington’s home. It seems ol’ George had plenty of help on that farm. Washington might not have ever been able to run the country and his farm if it wasn’t for all the voluntary service he received from Africans.

But there goes Sarah on her “One Nation Tour.” Palin swears this is not a campaign. She’s brought her father along, because he is a teacher and she wants to show that education is needed, and we need to educate ourselves. Oddly enough, I find that the idea or notion of Sarah Palin educating people as kind of scary. We can all remember when she didn’t know what the job description of the Vice President is. She answered it wrongly on several occasions even though it is printed in the Constitution…..that is attached to her bus. Also Palin is 47, she has wealth. Why is this the first time she is “discovering America?” And why is it so close to Campaign season when she decides to do this? Bill O’Reilly seems to think that like Michele Bachman, this illusion of running or not running by being so public and mysterious is a great way to raise money. This could be the case. I think he brings up a good point. Sarah’s Political Action Committee is constantly taking donations. Now you read that right, she is taking donations, to fund her vacation. But this publicity will only cause those donations to rise. With a facebook following of 3 million people, minus the trolls and fake profiles that are all loving support of everything that is Palin, that is still an incredible number of contributors that can bankroll her vacation/campaign. The only thing we can do is pray that Sarah visits the Pearl Harbor memorials, and attempts to drive the bus there.


  1. Palin is constantly playing the victim. She blast the LSM for doing their job, and calling her out on obvious hypocrisies, and most recently, when asked about her gaffe in Boston, she took the defense and claimed 'victim' status again. FIrst, what's ironic is that the certain news (if you can call it news, I prefer to think it of as a well scripted narrative) corp. she works for is actually the mainstream. No other network has larger ratings, and breaks more news story's - mostly political - than Fox. And yet, like Palin they take this victim stance, as if MSNBC, and CNN are the really more mainstream. It's a joke. So, when she is "cornered" in Boston and asked a very simple question, and then re-writes history, she blames the gotcha media! The questions was "What have you seen so far today [in Boston], and what are you going to take away from your visit?" REALLY? What a deep- 'shout-out, gotcha'-hardcore journalistic-facts hitting question! Obviously her answer has made headlines (unfortunately), and now she is once again the victim. Just like when Couric asked her what magazines she reads. It is just so plainly obvious she really has no idea what's going on. And now her few thousands followers attempted to re-write history. Granted, they did it on wikipedia, which Should NEVER be a source of fact, but they still were willing to re-write they way history happened, in order to make her look good. As a student of history, I am sure this has Rob pissed! I love history, and I am mad! I do understand that some history can be objective, when taken from the words of those who were there, before those 'gotcha' journalist were there to make sure it went down the right way, and everything was hand written, and possibly exaggerated. I am afraid though, that this bus tour is her way of beginning a real run at the white house. I think she loves the attention too much not to. When truthfully, she should retire from political arena and take care of those five kids. Who are the real victims in this showcase of stupidity. I am sure 'god' is telling her to run, which is just her way of justifying her lust for attention. So where is Sarah Palin going? Well, I predict she will attempt to get the GOP ticket, and if not, she will run as an independent (because she's F&#$ing crazy) and then she will loose and hopefully fade into obscurity.

  2. Thanks for commenting, sorry it took me so long to reply. I agree and I was actually stating today that I would respect someone more that exhibited a little honesty. A simple, "Ya I was in an ice cream shop and got a little tongue tied, happens to all of us." That would have went so much further than what she said. And then she begins to defend what she said, digging the hole deeper. It's madness.


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