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Occidental Sings my Praises

I'd like to thank Brooks D. Simpson for bringing to my attention that Hunter Wallace, a regular commentator at the SHPG, has sought to include me in his blog The Occidental Dissent. If you scroll down the page, you will find this short passage:

"This is what civilization in Philadelphia has become thanks to White and Jewish liberals like Andy Hall, Kevin Levin, James Epperson, Rob Baker, Corey Meyer and Brooks D. Simpson: Northern Whites abandoning their city to the Black Undertow, their freedom taken away by federal and state civil rights legislation, while the black criminals move into the vacuum and run wild, and corrupt African-American politicians like Marian Tasco feast upon the economic remains of civilization." [12/31/2011]

What a way to end out 2011. To clarify for some of you, I am from Georgia born and bred. I am far from a liberal. I'm Methodist, not Jewish. I don't really recall my hometown city of Ringgold having anything of a large minority population that would constitute a "Black Undertow." The rest like the former is utter nonsense. Not that there is anything wrong with a Northerner or a Jew, or a Black person etc., which Hunter disagrees with in the remainder of that blog post on Quakers in Pennsylvania; I just find it fascinating that I am being demonized using words that are not demonic to the average person. However, any intelligent person that spends a short time on Wallace's blog will notice the obscenities he spouts so I have to say, whatever words he wishes to use to demonize me I will continually accept as a compliment. On a side note, please stop portraying yourself as a true Southerner.

You can access others listed in Wallace's post at these sites.

Andy Hall     
Kevin Levin  
James Epperson
Corey Meyer 
Brooks Simpson


  1. I'm quite sure that I am standing on firmer ground in any historical contest as to whose views are more reflective of "true Southerners."

    So you are from Georgia? My family is from Dublin, GA and Tifton, GA. Everyone who lives in Atlanta, Central Georgia, and South Georgia is familiar with the force that we have labeled the "Black Undertow."

    The Visible Black Hand explains the peculiar commercial and residential geography of Georgia. It also goes a long way towards explaining its political system and history.

    Guess what? In most parts of Georgia, which is the blackest state in the Deep South, white students have a birds eye view of the Black Undertow.

    When Georgia becomes a White minority state, this force we have described will be felt statewide. Have you thought about what kind of society that is going to be like?

    You can drive across Georgia from north to south and from east to west and see many fine examples of cities, towns, and counties which are affected by the Black Undertow.

    1. I'd like to thank you for commenting and providing everyone an excellent case study for bigotry.

      Also, Georgia has one of the largest populations in the Deep South, it is expected it would also have the largest minority population. Florida however, according to the 2010 census has more though. If you are standing on 'firmer ground' than I in regards to what is a "true southerner" then you are acting against the representation of the SHPG and in fact demonizing your own cultural establishment.

  2. Thanks for the mention. Always happy for people to know that folks like Wallace have nothing but disdain for me.

    I don't especially recommend people visit Wallace's blog, but if they do, they need to dig down into the comments on individual posts to get the full flavor of his effort and the people who support it. Wallace is careful to temper his language up front, even using terms like "African American," so a quick scroll through the front page of the blog doesn't necessarily display anything that pops out at the casual glance. There are no such restraints in the comments Wallace hosts.

    Wallace seems no longer to be a member of SHPG. Whether that's by his choice or not, I don't know. What's telling to me is that, for all the vitriol there directed against black Confederate "Deniers" and "anti-Confederate bloggers" who "evilize" the South, and big talk about about their supposed intolerance for bigotry and hate groups, Wallace is allowed quietly to slink back into the shadows without a mention or public denunciation, allowing their former presence there to slip away into the memory hole, like it never happened. It's bad enough that Wallace was enrolled, accepted and praised as a member of that group; it's worse that, once publicly called out, the SHPG refuses to expose him for the reprehensible (but ever-polished) white supremacist that he is.

    1. Thanks for commenting Andy. I was looking through a few of his posts the other day, especially the comment section. It makes for interesting reading and an interesting mindset which is not really justified. Very archaic. I haven't scanned the SHPG in a few days, but I am sure you are right about that. It really does show their hypocrisy not to point out situations like that.

  3. Rob,

    A "bigot" is someone who is "obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices" or someone who is motivated by "animosity toward those of differing beliefs."

    I don't believe that is an accurate description of my work: unlike Brooks D. Simpson and Kevin Levin who seal themselves away into echo chambers and live to smear people, I study the opposition intensely, and I thrive on debating these issues and learning from them.

    I don't consider Florida or Texas a "Deep South" state. These states have more Hispanics than African-Americans. The majority of people who live in Florida are out-of-state migrants.

    We both know the SHPG doesn't represent Southern heritage. They are not the "real deal." My views are easily far more "traditional" than their Facebook group which would have been unrecognizable to previous generations. :)

  4. Andy,

    (1) First, I use "African-American" and sometimes "Negroid-Americans" as a joke on my website (Negroes are 14th Amendment citizens), and to stress the fact that blacks are U.S. citizens. I believe U.S. citizenship is worthless.

    (2) Second, I had never heard of the "Southern Heritage Preservation Group" until Kevin Levin and Brooks D. Simpson started attacking for "racism." I went over there purely as a joke and made unremarkable observations just to make a point.

    The point being, anti-Southern fanatics will attack the "Southern Heritage Preservation Group" no matter what it says and no matter who is a member or what it does, because they are bigots who simply hate the South and despise Southern heritage.

    They were attacking the SPHG for being "racist" (this social pathology was discovered by Yankees in the 1930s) before I was a member, while I was a member, and they are still attacking the group after I left the group.

    (3) Third, Yankees (and their scalawag admirers in the South) have been condemning the South as their moral inferiors for at least 180 years now. Slavery was abolished almost 150 years ago. No one who is alive today has ever owned a slave.

    Guess what? The Yankee mind simply found something else to fixate upon. As soon as slavery was abolished, the moral failing became "women's rights" and "civil rights." It all goes back to the nutty "perfectionist" theology that was spread across the Deep North in the Second Great Awakening.

    There is nothing "immoral" about ... racism, sexism, nativism, isolationism, xenophobia, homophobia, "heterocentrism" and the rest of the bullshit sins which were conjured into existence by holier-than-thou liberals in the mid-twentieth century. The vocabulary that is used to describe these so-called moral failings didn't even exist a hundred years ago.

    The SHPG should instead ask why politicial positions came to be confused with moral qualities in the twentieth century United States. "Honor" was known to the Ancients. No one had even heard of "racism" in America until the 1930s.

    1. HW says, "anti-Southern fanatics will attack the "Southern Heritage Preservation Group" no matter what it says and no matter who is a member or what it does, because they are bigots who simply hate the South and despise Southern heritage."

      I am a Southernwe. I respect and research my southern heritage. The problem is that certain people are caught in the world of Confederate Heritage. You also continue on and show a total lack of knowledge in history. Civil Rights has been around since English common law and saw birth in America in the Virginia Declaration of Rights. Women's Rights emerged before the abolitionist movement as well. Perfectionist or Christian Perfection emerged in the First Great Awakening advocated by Methodism and John Wesley, primarily in the South.

      "There is nothing "immoral" about ... racism, sexism, nativism, isolationism, xenophobia, homophobia, "heterocentrism" and the rest of the bullshit sins which were conjured into existence by holier-than-thou liberals in the mid-twentieth century. The vocabulary that is used to describe these so-called moral failings didn't even exist a hundred years ago."

      Actually, there is. It is really quite absurd and disturbing how totally intolerant you are. Thankfully people like you are disappearing.

      "The SHPG should instead ask why politicial positions came to be confused with moral qualities in the twentieth century United States. "Honor" was known to the Ancients. No one had even heard of "racism" in America until the 1930s."

      That would be in the 1990's when the Southern Baptist Convention decided the Country was going to hell and the Christian Right emerged. Racism has also been around a lot longer than your perception allows.

  5. Lost my post. Dang.

    Let's see how the folks in Ringgold cotton to black supremacy in Georgia ten to fifteen years from now. Judging by the reality of Clayton County, I can't wait to see how they handle it.

    I'm not going anywhere. I will be around to tell our friends in Georgia about the good old days when Rob Baker thought it was a great idea. When Arizona becomes majority Hispanic, I will make sure the name Brooks D. Simpson is similarly well known.

    1. Interesting idea. Of course, you are around now when the population of America is diverse with Scotch-Irish, Anglo, German, Scandinavian, Italian, Asian, etc etc.

      The only differences you are worried about is the difference of skin color. Man oh man. But I'm sure you are right, I mean how awful it is in the world to have people like Ben Carson. (If you don't know who that is, google it)

    2. My family is originally from Georgia.

      My cousins still live in Dublin and Tifton. I'm from Alabama and live in the Birmingham suburbs. Whites abandoned Birmingham after the force we have labeled the Black Undertow destroyed the Magic City after Richard Arrington came to power.

      Jefferson County recently filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history. The heirs of MLK and Fred Shuttlesworth steered Birmingham and Jefferson County into the present financial disaster.

      Here in Alabama, the three largest cities in the state are being rebuilt in adjacent counties because of the force we call the Black Undertow. Do you have any idea how much money the Civil Rights Movement has cost this state?

      Just look at Atlanta which will soon reach the borders of Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee because of the Black Undertow. Look at Columbus, Macon, Savannah, and Augusta where this force is similarly active.

      The idea that African-Americans are like the Irish, Poles, or the Italians is so laughable that I am stunned you are making that argument. Europeans are seperated from sub-Saharan Africans by what - 45,000 to 75,000 years of evolution in radically different environments.

      Germans and Poles are closely related members of the European family. Blacks are a distinct race and their morphology reflects that. Their "skin color" is an adaptation to their natural environment. It wouldnt have evolved - like the shape of their nose or sickle cell anemia - unless it had some kind of evolutionary function that facilitated reproductive success.

      Ringgold sounds like one of the few places in Georgia where you can grow up insulated from exposure to the reality of the Black Undertow.

      Maybe you should move to the Chattanooga ghetto for a year or two. You might learn something useful about why slavery and segregation existed in Georgia.

    3. I would suggest you go the other side of Birmingham around Samford where the "Black Undertow" is not so present and the rich white man lives.

      Do you have any idea what discrimination costs other people? Also, Civil Rights doesn't cost anyone anything. It only provides a safeguard to freedoms that certain races/genders etc. were not allowed to enjoy before hand.

      Yet the first origin of man was in Africa.....meaning that we are all related in one fashion or another. Ringgold actually never had a black school believe it or not. Chattanooga did however. Don't you find that interesting that the "Black Undertow" seems to exist only in places where blacks were hindered through racism, segregation and rights infringement?

    4. LMAO.

      Do you read my website? The Black Undertow launched a revolution in Britain last August. The flash mobs ransacked Chicago, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee all summer.

      Detroit is the flagship city of the Black Undertow. It is about to go bankrupt and get taken over by an emergency manager like Benton Harbor, Flint, and Pontiac. Highland Park recently lost a third of its streetlights.

      Don't you find it interesting that the Black Undertow causes more chaos in the "Free States" and France and the UK than here in the South?

      Freedom failed there too. Just like freedom failed even more spectacularly in Haiti, Liberia, Congo and Zimbabwe. South Africa under the ANC is a crime ridden despotism of incompetence and incapacity like Detroit or St. Louis or New Orleans.

      Where do African-Americans have it good? In places like Detroit and Clayton County, GA before they went 365Black.

      Slavery made Haiti the richest country in the New World. White supremacy made Congo a pacified and prosperous country. It made Rhodesia the breadbasket of Africa. South Africa used to be a first world country with a space program.

      What about freedom and equality? How did freedom and equality work out? Selma 2012 and Birmingham 2012 is what happens when the Black Undertow is put in charge of safe and prosperous cities.

      Equality is a lie. Show me one school district in the United States where the Black Undertow has empirically achieved equality after 147 years of freedom, 57 years of forced integration, and the billions of taxpayer dollars that has been squandered on the Head Start program.

      As for the Birmingham suburbs like Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills, they are monuments to the relative incapacity of African-Americans to maintain civilization.

      The Detroit suburbs are another monument to the failure of free society. The difference between Detroit and Birmingham and their suburbs is race.

      Aren't you in Lawrenceville now? Are you saying the force we call the Black Undertow isn't operating in Gwinett County? In La Grange?

      I might dedicate a special post just to you about the reality of the Black Undertow in Lawrenceville, La Grange, and the Chattanooga area.

    5. I'm sure you think these things.

      If you feel the need to make a special post just for me, be sure to include where I stand and where you stand.

  6. I think those things ... because they are true, Rob. Happy Robert E. Lee Day! Watch out for the Black Undertow in Lawrenceville, okay?

    1. Happy R.E. Lee day, or as I call it, thank god he lost day.

      Are you talking about this undertow in Warner Robins?

      Or this one in Birmingham, where you claim to live

  7. It looks to me like (1) a drunk driving accident and (2) a domestic related murder-for-hire scheme. These are the types of private crimes that the police deal with in any society.

    By the "Black Undertow," we are referring to a force - which often erupts in violence, but which isn't necessarily violent - that brings down entire towns, cities, counties, and major metropolitan areas; a force that destroys commerce and prosperity, ruins public schools and public transportation for taxpayers, and which lowers property values and prompts flight and the abandonment of infrastructure, thereby changing the physical geography of urban areas.

    It was the Black Undertow, or the Negro with "civil rights," that created modern Detroit, Birmingham, New Orleans, and Clayton County. In Atlanta and Chicago, African-Americans and Hispanics are responsible for over 90 percent of violent crime.

    Say what you want about slavery and white supremacy, but slavery and white supremacy worked, Rob. Slavery alone made the "African-American" an economic asset to American society. Freedom and equality failed.

    In 2012, the average single black woman has a net worth of $5 dollars. At least 30 percent of African-Americans have a negative net worth. In other words, the average single black woman has lost 99 percent of her value since 1861. This comes in spite of 147 years of "freedom" and 57 years of forced integrated and the countless billions of dollars that have been squandered on them.

    How does the Black Undertow, which is effectively bankrupt, manage to thrive? The dirty little secret of free society is that, at least in the case of African-Americans, the project of the "Civil Rights Movement" can only be sustained by restricting White freedom (through draconian civil rights laws) and through massive and ever growing levels of systematic wealth redistribution.

    What would the black schools be like if they had to be supported by black taxes? What would black neighborhoods be like if they had to be maintained by black institutions? What would black cities and counties look like without the interference of the state and federal government to prop up this charade?

    It would look like Haiti or Congo or Zimbabwe or Liberia or any number of places where the free Negro is responsible for himself. Actually, those places would be much worse than they are now as over 1/2 of Haiti's budget is comprised of foreign aid sent by White liberals.

    Your liberal worldview rests upon a demonstrable lie: equality. If equality were true, it could be demonstrated. Every integrated public school in the United States and throughout the Western world is a laboratory where "equality" has been empirically tested on a daily basis for anywhere from at least 100 to 42 years.

    Guess what? Equality failed. The United States has spent more on "equality" since the year 1965 than the Interstate transportation system, the Manhattan project, the Marshall Plan, the War Between the States, WW2, the Panama Canal, the Hoover Dam, and the Apollo space program combined.

    1. Ahhhh I see, so any crime a white person commits is a natural order that society deals with but a crime of a black person is the undertow.

      Your list on the end, Free Way, Nuke, Foreign Aid to rebuild a nation after War, War, War, invasion and occupation, Public Work, Anti-Communist space race. The majority of the things you listed involved war....I think spending money on equality is a better investment.

      Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that some black dude bested you in fisticuffs and this is your retaliation.

      Get over it man, very few people (as disturbing as you) actually take you serious.

    2. Rob,

      (1) What is an "undertow"? It is a force or a current offshore that sucks you down and out to sea. Similarly, the "Black Undertow" is a force that visibly sucks down civilization. It visibly turns prosperity into poverty and viable institutions into dysfunctional ones.

      Look no further than Highland Park, Michigan which a century ago had the highest standard of living in North America. It had some of the best schools and infrastructure in America.

      Look at Highland Park a century later. It can't even afford to maintain the streetlights in the city. Look at Benton Harbor which is the home of the Whirlpool corporation. It has been transformed by the Black Undertow from the "arsenal of democracy" to the Midwestern "arsenal of crack cocaine."

      (2) Even the most civilized societies have a problem with criminal violence. There is a reason we don't live in an anarcho-capitalist utopia.

      It just so happens the nature of criminal violence varies across populations. Look at the earthquakes that hit Japan and Haiti. Japan got hit by one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history, a tsunami, and a nuclear meltdown.

      Haiti got hit by a mild 7.0 earthquake of the kind that wouldn't produce much damage in Southern California. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives in Haiti and the population responded with looting and armed gangs of black people hacking people to death with machetes.

      In Japan, there was almost no looting. Japan was recovering from the earthquake and rebuilding its infrastructure within a week ... after getting hit by an earthquake that was what ... maybe 80 times more powerful.

      There are whites who commit violence and blacks who commit violence, but because of racial differences in intelligence and behavior, the Black Undertow destroys apartment buildings, schools, neighborhoods, suburbs, towns, cities, counties and major cities like Detroit in a way that is simply not true of White people.

      There is a "neutron bomb" effect in areas affected by the Black Undertow. Just look at Detroit, a city that had previously been home to over a million people, where now there isn't a single national grocery chain operating.

      (3) Are you kidding? What is the ROI on spending on equality? What do you have to show for the countless billions of dollars that have been squandered on TANF welfare, Section 8, EBT cards, Medicaid, free schools lunches, public education, etc, etc, for the Black Undertow.

      I can point to all kinds of new technologies that have grown out of military related government spending. Even the "War on Terror" produced the Predator drone. All those mountains of money that have been invested in the Black Undertow, Haiti, and Sub-Saharan Africa might just as well have been set alight in vast bonfires.

      (4) No, I do this because I believe in truth and the progress of civilization. A society that is based on a lie - a lie like racial equality, which is the biggest lie ever told in all of world history - will fail.

      America as a nation is going to fail like Detroit, New Orleans, Clayton County, Memphis, Birmingham, Los Angeles (and now Philadelphia) and countless other areas where the American model has been tried out with African-American and Hispanic racial demographics.

      (5) You would be surprised. The people who say they believe in equality haven't thought about it. They can't defend their position from criticism. They have nothing going for them except ritual shaming and that only works for so long.

      Equality is a fantasy. Inequality is reality. The cognitive dissonance between America's national delusion and the reality of the effective results of its professed ideals is growing every day.

  8. And the result is that the average single black woman is worth $5 dollars. What does that say about the War Between the States, or as you prefer to call it, the "Civil War"?

    It says for one that John C. Calhoun was right when he said that African-Americans lacked the racial capacity to be raised to equality with Whites and that giving them liberty would prove to be a curse rather than a blessing. It vindicates all the people who predicted that the free Negro would be a burden upon society.

    From the reality of racial inequality, the myth of liberal universalism and "human nature" is exploded, and therefore all the claims to "natural rights" on the basis of a single unalterable "human nature" are similarly discredited.

    Slavery is vindicated as "a positive good." White supremacy and segregation come to be seen as necessary institutions that are adaptive to the reality of racial inequality.

    What about the Glorious Union? It turns out their legacy is nothing but the deliberate creation of American versions of Mogadishu in Philadelphia, Chicago, Oakland, Cincinnati, Newark, Detroit, Milwaukee, New York, and Minneapolis. Because the principle that "All Men Are Created Equal" they were fighting for was false.

    The South was right. Robert E. Lee was right. John C. Calhoun and Jeff Davis were right.

    And your buddies Andy Hall, Brooks D. Simpson, and Kevin Levin can call me a "racist" (an irrational ad hominem argument) until they are blue in the face, but that doesn't change the unalterable fact that "equality" has failed in every school district in America where it has ever been tried, or the fact that the average single black woman has lost 99 percent of her value since slavery.

    Deo Vindice

    1. I refer to it as the Civil War because that is how history titles it and how it is taught in the classroom. I am in agreement that what happened did not constitute a civil war in the definition of the word.

      I am sure, HW that certain figures like W.E.B. DuBois, Booker T. Washington, Thurgood Marshall, Charles Hamilton Houston, Colin Powell, and the Tuskegee Airmen were a "burden upon society," or "discredited," as the basis of a "single unalterable 'human nature'."

      Slavery is not vindicated in any manner. White supremacy and segregation under Jim Crow was a way to bring about a new Social Order lost after the collapse of slavery after the Civil War.

      If the South was so right, why was it so defeated? The tenets defeated and abhored across the globe. I have never seen a version of national exceptionalism that you have given you have no nation to find exceptional.

      You are a racist H.W. That also is not irrational given your posts nor is ad hominem. Saying you incorrect because you are racist is ad hominem, but simply stating that you act with racist driven agenda is not ad hominem. In fact, personal insults are not ad hominem at all.

      You close with ""equality" has failed in every school district in America where it has ever been tried, or the fact that the average single black woman has lost 99 percent of her value since slavery."

      Google Ben Carson.

    2. Rob,

      (1) Did you know I went to Auburn University? Auburn is a mere twenty miles from Tuskegee.

      I know all about the real Tuskegee - not the Tuskegee you see depicted in Hollywood movies, but the reality of Macon County - because I grew up not far from Tuskegee and used to drive through there all the time.

      The twenty mile drive from Auburn in Lee County, a White college town, to Tuskegee in Macon County, the premiere African-American college town, is sufficient to forever discredit the myth of racial equality.

      In the celebration of the release of "Red Tails" (it comes out tomorrow), I am going to drive to Tuskegee and snap photos for everyone on the internet can see the true legacy of Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, and the Tuskegee Airmen.

      (2) The South was defeated simply because it lacked the military capacity to defend itself. The Union military victory in the War Between the States says nothing about the soundness of slavery as an economic system.

      Clearly, slavery generated in enormous wealth for the United States. Similarly, we can say that freedom and equality transformed what had been among the wealthiest and most prosperous areas of the United States into the American version of Haiti as the slaveowners had warned would happen all along.

      (3) Calling me a "racist" isn't a valid rational argument against the reality of the Black Undertow. You can describe my position as "racialist," in that I certainly believe in the existence of hereditary racial differences, but labeling me a "racist" doesn't rebut my position.

      (4) There is nothing about Ben Carson that refutes my position. Intelligence is distributed along a Bell Curve within and between races. There are certainly intelligent and competent blacks. That proves nothing.

      There are tall people who are Chinese. There are tall people who are women. But what does citing them prove? It proves only that some Chinese are taller than some Dutchmen and some women are taller than some men.

      The Dutch are still taller than the Chinese on average. Men are still taller than women on average. Equality is still refuted because height and intelligence are distributed along a spectrum.

      The existence of black neurosurgeons or astrophysicists says nothing about neuroscience or astrophysicists except that black people are drastically underrepresented in cognitively demanding fields ... which is exactly what you would expect given the well documented distribution of intelligence in the black community relative to Asians and Europeans.

    3. You realize the only reason I continue to publish your comments is so others can see how disturbing

      However my favorite line is, "which is exactly what you would expect given the well documented distribution of intelligence in the black community relative to Asians and Europeans."

      Maybe that is because of the well documented instances of Blacks being owned by white people for a couple of centuries causing a racial generation in academia, and that Plessy v. Ferguson established "Separate but Equal" though everyone is immensely aware that none of that was actually equal.

    4. Hmm.

      Let me think ... if blacks weren't owned by White people, if they had not been segregated, if they had more or less been left alone like the vast majority of Africans were until the late nineteenth century, they might have turned out like, say, Liberia or Ethiopia.

      Its funny that leftists point to the most successful blacks in the world as proof that slavery, segregation, and white supremacy are to blame for the failures of African-Americans.

      The most advanced and prosperous blacks in the world happen to be those who have been in the closest contact with Whites. Odd.

    5. I think its funny that you just pointed out two countries that have been through the subjugation of western (white) imperialism as proof that blacks somehow are unable to self determine.

      "The most advanced and prosperous blacks in the world happen to be those who have been in the closest contact with Whites. Odd."

      I wouldn't say odd. It seems perfectly normal given that those with the closest contact shared socioeconomic statuses and the same educational opportunities.


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