Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lee and Grant's Dual

Here's a perception of fighting between Lee and Grant that breaks from old norms.


  1. I don't care if you block this from showing on your blog. It's not for your blog, anyway, it's for you. Since Corey is blocking my comments at his blog, I didn't want you to continue in your error...

    You said, "No one has ever advocated the tearing down of monuments."

    Are you serious?

    No one?


    Charlottesville City Counselor Kristin Szakos says it's time for a discussion about what Charlottesville's historic Confederate statues are saying about this community. One of the options she's proposing is pulling Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson down off of their stone perches.

    Plaques on the Texas Supreme Court Building were removed years ago, Rob. They commemorated Confederate soldiers because the building was built with Confederate pension funds.

    In Pensacola, a Lutheran pastor, Fr. Philip Mullen and his wife Teresa used to regularly agitate for the removal of Pensacola's Confederate Memorial in Lee Square.

    A mob in Selma, Alabama led by a city councilwoman attempted to tear down a monument to Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest before the city moved it to the boonies.

    In 2009, columnist Peder Zane of the News Observer said that Raleigh's Confederate monument should come down.

    "As with many monuments to the Confederacy, some community activists, such as Louisville's Reverend Louis Coleman, have called for the removal of the monument from such a prominent location ..."

    Remove the Alamance County Confederate Monument

    Petition Seeks to Remove Denton (Texas) Confederate Statue

    Group Wants Confederate Monument Removed From Pitt Courthouse

    Some call for Chapel Hill's Silent Sam statue to be removed

    U of Texas reconsiders Confederate statues

    1. I don't make it a habit to censor people. And when I said, "People" on the other post, I was referring to her accusations against me and some people like me, i,e, Meyer, Brooks, Hall and Levin. If you'll notice I also said why don't you bring those monument tear downs to our attention so that opinions can be voiced. This is just another example of you honing in on one thing in order to be argumentative.


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