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My name is Rob Baker.

I am a graduate student at North Georgia College and State University "The Military College of Georgia". I am currently working on my Master of Arts in History, with a concentration in United States History. I received my Bachelor of Arts in History from Carson-Newman College in 2010 and my Masters in Teacher in 2011. I am also an alumni of Ringgold High School in Ringgold, GA.. I have been recently hired as a U.S. and World History Teacher at Collins Hill High School in Suwanee, GA.

Growing up in Ringgold I have always been fascinated with history. Ringgold was the site of a small Civil War battle, and adjacent to two very large battles, Chickamauga, and Missionary Ridge (Chattanooga Campaign). This passion grew in such a way that it seemed fitting to pursue a career involving history. So that is my current track in life, I am working my way through my Masters degree and possibly a Doctorate in the future.

I started this blog mainly because of the number of topics I would constantly stumble upon in history without the appropriate place to share or comment. In Undergrad, my cohorts and I, would sit around for hours debating history, theology, politics etc, until we either gave up or came to a truce. Sadly, my graduate work is fairly heavy so I don't really have the time to implement outside study aside from a brown bag colloquial. Whatever the case, I always found those debates to be a place of mental growth and achievement. Oddly enough, the idea of being proven wrong did not scare me after these debates as it allowed me to see new ways of thinking. So now that my cohorts are long gone, I sought to achieve this academic conversation again by creating this blog.

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