Monday, April 16, 2012

180 Degrees True South is Running from "Perfesser Simpson"

Recently a lot of crosstalk took place between Professor Brooks Simpson, author of cwcrossroads and Connie Chastain, ranter of 180 Degrees True South. Can't these two just get along? Sources say no.

Brooks if you want your face removed just let me know. Connie...I don't care.

The self proclaimed defender of Southern Heritage chimes in on Dr. Simpson's recent post with a flurry of her own defensive rhetoric, aka vomit. This post entitled, "Damnyankees Attack. Southerners Defend." is the latest of the spew. Historically this title is wrong;  the South fired first, carried out some invasions of their own, and ultimately lost. Connie professed in the past that she cares not for history and instead values subjective heritage. Taking this into account, it becomes obvious that Connie's title is commentary of the strife between herself and Professor Simpson. I once thought Connie carried sentimental feelings for Kevin Levin. She used to go on and on about him reminding me of the flirtatious young students I have in class. It seems that Connie directs her attention towards Brooks Simpson now. She writes about him constantly (romance novel forthcoming) and reads his posts everyday with a scented candle and red wine.

With that aside I think it is interesting to read the two posts above. Connie refers to Dr. Simpson's work as merely a critique or rather unjustified snarky commentary (paraphrase) on "Southern Heritage," (in quotes due to irony). It is easily noticed by viewing the website cwcrossroards that Dr. Simpson writes about a multitude of things. It just happens that Southern Heritage is one of them. Connie seems to be flabbergasted as to why. Now I could cite Michel-Rolph Trouillot's book Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History which calls for Historians to stand and meet the injustices of pseudo history to answer 'why,' but I do not think I will. Mainly because those that have not read it would not understand, and because certain groups would simply disregard it as revisionists history. Odd that it is usually those that have not read the article are usually  the first to discredit it. In short I will simply say that maybe Dr. Simpson's approach to "Southern Heritage," parallels Richard Dawkins approach to ardent Creationists; he just cannot believe they are that dumb.

Replace "Creationist"s with "Southern Heritage Folks," "Evolution" with "History," and "Bible verses" with "Random Southern quotes."

Of course this cannot go on anymore. Connie Chastain, the woman that defends Southern Heritage has gone underground. She deleted people from her group that posed a threat (disagreed) and blocked viewing permissions to her group. "Damnyankees Attack.....Southerners Flee".....makes sense given the large amounts of desertion in the Rebel Army during the Civil War.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Appomattox Day Everyone!!!!

Happy Appomattox Day on this dazzling April 9th, 2012. It is on this day, nearly a century and a half ago, that the most destructive thing that ever happened to America ended....well at least for the Army of Northern Virginia. Kevin Levin over at Civil War Memory posted this video.

I thought this was a terrific video and I'd like to think both Mr. Levin for bringing it to my attention and the National Park Service for making such a terrific video. I immediately implemented it into the classroom and used it today to start our unit on the Civil Rights Movement. Does anyone else find it somewhat of a happy coincidence that I started the Civil Rights Movement unit on Appomattox day. It's nice when things work out.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Yankee That Scared Connie Chastain: Multiculturalism and Racism Unleashed

Recent events demonstrate that yes; Connie Chastain is afraid of Yankees. In particular this Yankee, Joey Andrews. Beneath that bloodcurdling exterior lies a war crime waiting to happen. I first came into contact with this Napoleon of strategic games while in undergrad. I learned soon that Joey was anyone's intellectual match. He was a true Yankee that came to Tennessee like Sherman's flames through Georgia. I also remember the fascination of history the two of us shared while rooming together at that deep south Tennessee Baptist College known as Carson-Newman. I can even recall our first reenactment together. We had to galvanize (every Southerners worst nightmare) and dress as Yankees. I remember the thrill I had carrying the gun, shooting above people's heads and generally enjoying that 19th century feel. Joey took it quite differently. Every shot fired seemed to be personal as he shot at those Confederate souls....I'm also pretty sure that he did not elevate a time or two.

Fast forward to after graduation; I returned to Georgia for graduate school and Joey looked to the North for his higher education. I pursued the arts of Education and History while Joey looked to destroy people's lives (law). This brings us to the present. I have been introduced to the world of blogging and comparative pages on Facebook. In these groups I have come into contact with one Connie Chastain, self proclaimed Heritage advocate/Romance Novel writer/ and Huguenot. I know she's not really a French protestant but someone that acts with that level of superiority and pomposity all the time deserves a title that means as much as her opinions.....nothing.

Recently Joey engaged Connie in a thrill ride of a debate over the aspect of multiculturalism.  For those than want to see the debate in full, simply check out the 180 Facebook page.  I am sorry that I cannot find a direct link to the debate as it is either lost in the mess that is that group's wall or simply deleted. In any case, I made sure to copy the debate thread a while back which is posted below. Back on the topic of multiculturalism, it appears that Connie and a considerable number of Confederate "heritage" advocates hold on to the idea that multiculturalism is the leveling out or downgrading of European culture in order for other cultures to be equal. This position is held while also holding that European culture is superior in all aspects. This can bee seen in the arguments here. If the link is ever removed, I have screen shots.

UPDATE: The page is now set to private. Drop me a comment and I can send you the screen shot of the conversation. 

Pay special attention to the rhetoric both Joey and Connie use in the back and forth. Joey makes a point to use terminology of white vs black. Connie at first, attempts to make this a moot point by suggesting what seems to be equality amongst absurdities. Connie states this:
You're a white person who goes back in time to subSaharan Africa, you might find yourself being cooked and served as smorgasboard. You're a white person who goes back in time to an Arab country, you might find yourself being eunuch-ized (if you're a male) or concubine-ized, if you're a female, even a very, very young female.
This is an absolute absurdity historically but we won't even get into that. The point I want to show here is that she redirects Joey's point of white Europeans treating other cultures badly by pointing out that these other cultures do the same thing. Remember this is all taking place as Connie is trying to prove that European culture is superior yet she redirects an absurdity by saying, "Africans and Arabs are just as bad," Connie arguing for Multiculturalism?

My favorite part of this exchange comes when Joey demonstrates the history and prestige of ancient Egypt. It is at this juncture that Connie demonstrates the true meaning behind the anti-multiculturalism argument. And it is basically what most of us guessed anyway.
(1) Egyptian society was not black culture. It was Egyptian. (2) Mesoamerican cultures practiced a particularly brutal form of human sacrifice. That may be superior to you. It isn't to me.
 I have to say at this point I am a little confused. This whole time I thought the argument was for or against African culture. Connie seems to see it only as Black culture. Last time I checked, Egypt was in Africa. I guess they are not black enough for Connie to represent black culture....or perhaps they are too white to exhibit it. I'll let you research for yourselves the differences between European and African cultures throughout history.

From this debate it is apparent that multiculturalism acts as the thin veil of racism for many people. We all owe Connie a huge round of applause for demonstrating this to us. We also owe Joey Andrews a beer and a steak for keeping on topic and making sure to engage in this circular debate long enough to reveal the true intent of some these unscrupulous characters. I can tell you all, that it is Joey's last debate with them on that forum sadly.

Shortly after this debate took place, Connie took it upon herself to remove Joey's membership from 180 South. For a woman that complains constantly about censorship and writes excessively about her comments being "sent to the cornfield," she had no problem sending Joey there.

So long my will be missed.

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