Battle of Ringgold, Gap November 27, 1863
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Ringgold, Ga's Patrick Cleburne Monument

My name is Robert Baker and this is The Historic Struggle. The Historic Struggle began as a simple blogging site in 2009 for commentary on the subjects of History and Politics. Since then, largely due to the examples of other blogs, the blog has grown into a forum of my own personal thoughts that have to deal with the fields I am currently in. As a Historian and Educator, I use this blog to discuss the study of human interaction as it exists in History, Politics, and Education. As the years pass by and the blog posts increase, I am sure that the people reading will be able to find something of use.

My peak interests are Military History, the American Civil War, the history of American Foreign Policy in the Middle East, Historiography, the study of American Memory, the Modern Political climate, how History is Taught in the Classroom, and Religious Studies. As a young Historian I have not attempted publication as of yet but I have written papers on Civil War battle tactics, and Middle East Foreign Policy that are available for peer review.

I believe in an open debate method and I relish the opportunity to take on arguments and challenge yours in return. However, keep in mind that I do monitor all arguments presented. Though I believe in free speech I also believe that certain types of ad hominem attacks and slander against other commentators and myself warrant reaction. Your comment may be removed for such actions of incivility. If the problem persists I can and will ban you permanently from the site. Any URL links attached to comments will be evaluated in the same manner.

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****The views and opinions of this blog do not represent the people I work for but are that of my own, for those that cannot tell the difference.


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